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There is a lot to do if you are building a strawbale home. From the roof to the floor, the yard to the furniture, many of the things you have to do for a standard brick and mortar home will need to be taken care of for a strawbale home.

If you are building your strawbale home in the Hunter Valley or Maitland then take a visit to Hunter Valley Hire for all sorts of mini excavators, cherry pickers and hand tools that can help get the job done.

With that in mind we have a few suggestions on the types of business you might need to access to complete your perfect strawbale home. We’ve got great contacts in Newcastle but also other parts of Australia.

What will you do about the roof

For example, you have to put a good roof on any home, even a strawbale home, you might like to consider a roofing company like Newcastle Roofing Repair, and talk with them about how to install and maintain your roof.

Getting rid of the junk

Another certainty with just about any building and construction project is that there will be rubbish to remove. Left over straw is easy, that can go on the garden as mulch, but what about the timber scraps, lumps of concrete from that old garden shed that you broke up, or all the things that you realise you should have dumped before moving house? Well, thats exactly what skip bins are useful for. A skip bin hire company we have got to know well is Newcastle Skip Bins, and hire a couple of bins would be our recommendation, one for the scrap timber, one for the concrete and bricks and maybe another one for the general junk like plastics and non-recyclables.

Where to stay

You’re going to have to source the hay, and that might mean heading out of the city to source haybales at a reasonable price. An interesting starting point might be the city of Armidale, a terrific stepping point to the agricultural regions. When you arrive there is a great feed and place to sleep: Club Motel Armidale, easily one of the most centrally located motels in Armidale.

Transporting the hay

If you are going to transport the hay by box trailer you better be collecting it from a local source. A better idea would be a backloading service or lean on the seller of the hay for a reasonable delivery cost. A few possible transport providers that may be able to either provide delivery or at least recommend a transporter are:

Fencing for your property

If you are building with strawbale then there is a distinct possibility that you are going to be on a decent sized property in a rural location. Saving money on the home construction is great but have you looked at what the cost of a post and rail fence is for hundreds of metres? Our suggestion: cheap and strong chainwire fencing, and the guys at Chainwire Fencing Specialists are just the ones to do it. They have put fences all over NSW and if you need similar fencing in WA then have a talk to Greentree.

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